Local Government Elections

View from Warragamba Lookout

The NSW Local Government Election will be held on Saturday the 10th of September 2016.    

Pre-Poll Venues

For further information regarding the elections please visit   Vote NSW .  



 Elector Enquiry Centre 1300 135 736 



Constitutional Referendum

In addition to the NSW Local Government Elections, Wollondilly Shire Councillors have agreed to hold a constitutional referendum.  The constitutional referendum will determine the basis on which the Mayor attains office and will reduce the number of Wards from 3 to 2, with 4 Councillors per Ward.

Local Government Elections Seminars

In the lead up to the 2016 Local Government Election, Council will be holding a number of seminars for potential candidates.  

Non-residential Rolls

Form LG.127I: Non-residential Roll Individual Application – “Claim for Inclusion in the Roll of Non-Residential Owners of Rateable Land or the Roll of Occupiers and Ratepaying Lessees”. 

Ward Boundaries

Wollondilly Shire Council is divided into three wards

Pre-Poll Venues

Pre-Poll Venues

Information for Candidates

For information regarding the elections for potential candidates and groups please visit  Vote NSW .